Maxum Resources, LLC is a licensed Environmental Contractor, License # 51849, with a Specialty Endorsement - Hazardous Waste Treatment or Removal. Maxum offers a broad range of environmental services. From a small waste minimization plan to the assessment, remediation, and redevelopment of Brownfields properties, Maxum provides economical solutions to environmental problems.

Utilizing Maxum's Magneto-Hydrodynamics (MHD) treatment process, we can TRULY remediate contaminated soil and groundwater ON-SITE, allowing our Clients to avoid the expense and future liability of off-site disposal. 

Lower Cost: Maxum offers more affordable solutions that eliminate your future liabilities.

Greener: By utilizing Maxum's MHDtechnology, our Clients can completely remediate contaminated soil and groundwater in place, instead of passing the problem down to future generations.
Superior Customer Service: Our customer-focused approach means finding the right solution to meet Client goals, our team understands the importance of meeting regulatory standards while working within the budget. Let our team customize a solution to meet your needs. 


Safety Compliance The number 1 priority for Maxum is to ensure Maxum and your personnel are working safely and in compliance with OSHA regulations and work-site requirements.
Underground Storage Tank (UST)USTs are a common source of potential environmental liability.  A majority of documented cases of soil and groundwater contamination in the U.S. have been associated with a release from a UST system.



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